History of roses as a gift

January 15, 2017 D. Roses Co

A single rose is capable of conveying different meanings. For example, red roses convey strong passion while white roses signify purity. On the other hand, it is given out to a person as a form of expressing their love, agony, sympathy and remembrance. Hence it has been considered as one of the most common yet special gifts to loved ones. Having said so, what is the history of roses as a gift?

Hundreds of years ago, it has been considered as a way for people to communicate for after all, no formal language has yet been established. In addition to that, roses also often been used by the Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks in their myths. In fact, some of them have considered it as something that is associated with the gods. Based on existing evidences, roses have played significant roles in the culture of the people in the Middle Ages and it still does up until today.

The giving of roses has been quite prevalent among the Victorians who have highly indulged themselves in this custom for the reason that during that time, expressing feelings through words is not considered as good manners. As such, the people during that time have decided to put meaning behind each rose color, condition, size as well as the other flowers that are accompanying it and it has served as a way for them to convey their feelings to their loved ones without the need for them to utter a single word. In addition to that, the Victorians have even created rules when it comes to giving them and they surely stuck till today. For example, although red roses symbolize love, for them, if it has been given as a gift upside down, then it can symbolize anger. They have truly been very detailed in giving meanings to everything about it to the point where the hand that the person uses in handing it has a meaning as well. Because of these rules, various books have been written about the language of flowers including roses.

Today, most countries are still continuing this tradition. Most people would think that when you have been given a rose as a gift, then there is surely a meaning behind it. Even the number of roses that you have given may contain a different meaning, depending on how the person you have given it to interprets it. On the other hand, there were also times before when it is considered to be improper for a woman to give a rose to a man but in today’s world, it is now considered to be something of a norm. After all, more people have become more open to such acts.  In addition to that, roses nowadays are more accessible. In fact, there is no longer a need for you to go to the florist’s shop yourself for you can just simply place an order online. Also, with the scientific advances, more roses bloom every year for us to give to our loved ones as a gift.

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