How to Keep Your Roses Fresh In Singapore?

January 22, 2017 D. Roses Co

After a short period of time, roses will lose their freshness and start to wilt. If you are buying roses and worry about their lifespan, do not worry as there are already solutions that can effectively address your concerns. You should also become aware on things to be avoided to prolong the longevity of your flowers. Throughout its lifespan, you should be patient and follow the following steps so that you can attain the outcome that you yearn for. You also have to understand that proper care and tender love are one of the secrets to make roses fresh as long as possible in the humid weather of Singapore. Below are some useful and effective steps that can help.

  1. Put them in a bottle of water – When you plan to buy roses, there is a need for you to put them in a bottle with enough amount of water. You need to understand that they will not remain fresh in the long run when they are not exposed to water. On the other hand, you need not need bring a bucket with water.
  1. Remove the roses from the packaging right away – To avoid any burden, you need to remove the flowers from their packaging right after you have purchased them. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget to do this process. That is why their roses gets dry within just a few hours. Do not forget to do it; you can get your family members to remind you about it.
  1. Examine the roses and see whether they have broken and bruised petals – Now is the right time to inspect the roses, specifically the tips of their petals. When you will be displaying them in your home, you should immediately remove the petals that has been damaged.
  1. Cut the stems using hand pruners – When you remove all the damaged petals, you need to trim the stem by utilizing a knife or a hand pruner at a 45 degree angle to maximize water and nutrients absorption. You can do the procedures underwater so that your rose will stay as fresh as possible. When you use different cutting processes, the flowers will start to deteriorate. If you do not know how to cut the stems properly, you can ask for help from a florist near you when you purchase your roses to prevent such issues.
  1. Keep trimming the roses – After a few days, you need to trim the stems because they can get damaged and mushy. You need to make sure to continue to cut them at a 45 degree angle. Furthermore, use clean cutting tools at all times. You can do it periodically in your free time.
  1. Use a clean vase – Have you forgotten to rinse your vases after a long time of use? If that is the case, it might be the reason why your roses tend to deteriorate in a shorter than expected timespan. Now is the time to do so. Essentially, you need to clean your vase properly with hot and soapy water and rinse thoroughly. As a result, you will not only have longer lasting flowers but also a clean and shiny vase in your home.
  1. Use fresh water – Fill the vase with enough amount of cool and fresh water. By doing so, they will have long lasting freshness which will maximize the roses investment. After that, you can arrange the roses using your imagination or creativity to add more aesthetic style in your house. You can also mix fresh water with liquid flower food like we do so at D. Roses Co because they provide useful nutrients that can make the flowers vivacious and healthy. You can purchase liquid flower food in Singapore at any good florist.
  1. Change the water regularly – After two days, make sure to change the water to prevent potential bacterial growth. If you forget to do it, you may remind your family members to do help you.

Further Tips:

  • Choose a Reliable Florist – With a vast choice of florists in Singapore, you should choose the one with great reliability credibility liked D. Roses Co. We can confidently say that we have many reputable florists in Singapore. However, you still have to be cautious enough when selecting your flowers so that you will not feel frustrated when you return with bad roses. When it is a little bit hard on your part, you can get what you want at the right time.
  • Know your Budget – While the above are some ways to keep your roses fresh, it is also determined by your budget. Good plant food can be expensive if purchased for one time usage. Similarly, older roses are being sold cheaper by florists when they reach a certain number of days in the shelf. They will not last as long as the fresh flowers sold with no discounts. Weigh your pros and cons when purchasing your flowers.

By following the aforementioned steps, you will have fresh and long lasting awesome roses with proper care, passion and time. Lastly, make sure to choose D. Roses Co as your florist of choice in Singapore as we put our utmost efforts to ensure the freshest roses for our customers!

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