Are the roses real?

All roses sold on our website are real roses.

Am I able to arrange a specific time for the flowers to be delivered?

Our delivery are scheduled at the following time(s).

1PM - 530PM or 530PM - 10PM

Do you offer next day delivery?

Yes! Orders are to be placed before 11am the day before delivery. Orders after 11am will require 2 days for delivery.

Do you deliver on Sunday?

Yes we do. We deliver everyday!

Do you charge for the delivery?

We provide free delivery for all selections within Singapore island.

Can I pick up the flowers?

If for any reasons that you would like to pick up the flowers, do contact us in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

How do I take care of the flowers?

Keep the flowers away from direct heat and and sunlight to ensure it's typical lifespan.

Is it possible not to attach the invoice because it will be a gift for someone?

Yes of course. We send the invoices via email to the sender.